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Welcome to the landing page for the Motorcycle Repair Link Database.

When I first started working on bikes, the only resources available to assist the DIY motorcycle repair enthusiast were manuals and word-of-mouth.  Since then, the Internet has exploded with a wealth of information, scattered across millions of websites around the globe – some good and some bad.

Finding the right information in the right format can be extremely time consuming – especially, when you are anxious to get the job done.  In addition, search engines don’t present their results in useful categories we understand or in an easily sortable or filterable manner.

Hence, my creation of the HappyWrench Motorcycle Repair Link Database.  This is my first crack at this project, and I am sure it will get refined over time.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them via the contact page – I am open to any and all ideas.  Additionally, please feel free to share any links you think should be included in the database via the link submission form at the bottom of the page.  Thanks and enjoy!

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