5 Important Reasons Why You Should Love All Kinds of Motorcycles

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I’ve been “away” from the blog for a while, getting the house ready for the arrival of baby HappyWrench.  With that in mind, I will start back up with a fun, light-hearted post – 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Love All Kinds of Motorcycles – in ascending order of importance.

#5 – Because the world is filled with more than enough hate – Maybe you are a sport biker or maybe you like cruisers.  You don’t have to ride both to show a little courtesy and respect to both.  The world has enough hate and “cagers” with road rage without us infighting amongst ourselves.  We are all on the same team, trying to stay alive out there on roads designed for and dominated by cars.  What you do out there on your motorcycle each and every day impacts the public’s perception of motorcyclists.  We all make our small impact on the world without realizing it, and turning perception takes time.

#4 – Because variety is the spice of life – Look I am all about old school American bikes, but my bike “Cal” is never ever going off-road.  He sits maybe 4 inches off the ground and weights north of 600lbs.  The point here is that riding in a little dirt is fun!  If you have never tried it, then I must recommend it as an absolute must.  By owning a cruiser and an enduro or a sport bike and a trials bike, you have flexibility to your weekend.  Whatever you are in the mood for, you can grab the keys and go.  Plus visualize stepping into your garage and seeing more than one motorcycle – a mini “collection” if you will.  Sorry, but that thought always brings a smile to my face.

#3  Because then you can wrench and ride same day – Honestly, this has always been my preferred setup/situation with my garage and bikes.  I like to have one to ride and one to wrench on.  Projects take time and rushing them only leads to mistakes (sometimes costly ones).  By having one bike fueled up and ready to ride, you never have to forego a weekend of unexpected beautiful weather.  Similarly, you don’t have to race through a project that requires attention to detail and craftsmanship.

#2 – Because you will learn some mechanical engineering – Not all bikes are the same in terms of their engineering.  Some bikes have cams in the lower part of the engine, while others utilize overhead cams.  Some bikes have one carburetor, while others multiple carburetors requiring synching.  Two strokes are simpler than four strokes, but require more frequent rebuilding.

#1 – Because it will allow you to buy more tools – We all love tools and once your collection has reached a plateau, maybe you need an “excuse” to buy more.  Once good reason is you always need the rights tools for the job.  Some bikes use the Metric standard, some use the SAE or Imperial Standard, and there are even a few vintage bikes out their with custom standards.  Working on both British, Japanese, German, and American bikes is a good reason to own every variety of socket for all standards.

Reason #1 is my favorite!

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