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Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself, followed by the goals or purpose of the HappyWrench website.

First off, my name is Chris.  I was born in small-town NY.  I have lived six places in this country (USA – NY, CT, MA, NV, CA, FL) and one place abroad (England).  My favorite toy as a kid was my Trek mountain bike.  Every afternoon after I got off the school bus, I would grab my bike and race down the steep road outside my house to my friend Dan’s place.  Sure I could have just rode the bus down the hill, but riding my bike and riding it fast were my thing.  Growing up, I rode that bike all over that small town (leaving no steep hill unconquered), and every time I moved, that bicycle came with me.

Therefore, it is probably no surprise that as soon as I went to college and could scrap together $400, I bought my first (albeit broken) motorcycle (a 1981 Kawasaki KZ440).  I pushed that thing home (about two miles) and the rest is really history.  It took a couple months of tinkering, but that motorcycle ended up being my trusty steed for my entire freshman and sophomore years of school.

Image of Kawasaki KZ440

Example of a 1981 Kawasaki KZ440

Over the years, I have probably owned a couple dozen different motorcycles, ranging from cruiser to enduro, Japanese to American.  A couple were “close” to new, but the majority have simply been what I could afford at the time.  To save on cash, I have generally always done my own maintenance, and over the years, I have gradually progressed toward restoring old basket cases.  I have grown to love tinkering with bikes, probably more so than even riding them.

I started this site because I want to share my passion for motorcycles with other people.  On any given day, I doubt there is an entire hour that goes by where I don’t daydream a little bit about a project I am working on or some other motorcycle-related item.  I could talk about motorcycles all day if I was allowed.

With this site, I ultimately want to share my knowledge and experience with other people and hopefully build a community of like-minded individuals.  At the very least, I can channel my obsession into HappyWrench and spare my wife having to listen to me ramble on about the latest part, tool, or project idea bouncing around in my mind.

Anyways, I want to thank you for visiting the site and reading my little story here.  Please share the site via social media or directly with your motorcycle friends!

If you want to hear about my latest project, check out my post here on the purchase of my second Harley Davidson FLH Shovelhead.  Also, if you would like to reach out to me directly for any reason, feel free to do so via the HappyWrench Contact Page.

Also, don’t forget to like or share this site on social media.  Thanks!

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