Best Cruiser Motorcycles over 1000CC

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There are many different types of motorcycles but there is no proper system to classify or categorize them. Moreover, many motorcycles sometimes seem to be a mix of these types.

However, manufacturers often do sort them according to their purpose and the targeted buyer type.

From touring and sports bikes to standard motorcycles, they all vary in their general purpose. But there is one category of motorcycles that always stands out in popularity- Cruiser motorcycles.

Cruisers are bulky, huge motorcycles built to cruise around and turning heads wherever they go. One cannot mistake the upright seating position, low slung styling and the distinct exhaust note of a cruiser for any other motorcycle.

The design and the style originated from the USA, but the popularity didn’t stay restricted to the American market. Nowadays, seemingly every other manufacturer has a cruiser offering for the masses.

Although offered in a variety of engine sizes, the true essence of a cruiser motorcycle lies beyond the liter-class. The following are some of the best cruiser motorcycles above 1000 CC that your money can buy.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

As the name suggests, this is a motorcycle with huge proportions. In a world of increasing political correctness, Harley-Davidson stands out as a rebellious motorcycle manufacturer.

It’s the answer to global warming for instance, is a 1,745CC V-twin that produces 144 Nm of torque. A beefy wide handlebar, an imposing engine and an overall stance that spells unapologetic muscle result in a motorcycle that’s utterly desirable.

The solid aluminum disk Lakester wheels, the 160-section front tire, and the satin finish chrome help it stand out even among a crowd of cruisers. This is the same bike the Terminator used to chase down the T-1000, do I need to say more?

View specs and more info on TopSpeed

Triumph Rocket 3

With an engine size that puts most of the cars to shame, this beast has the largest-displacement engine in any production motorcycle.

The 2,458CC, 3-cylinder engine churns out a hulking 165 Horsepower output propelling the monstrous 800lbs motorcycle forward.

With an even mind-boggling 221 Nm torque figure, the Rocket has the ability to achieve break-neck acceleration in any gear.

Triumph has recently brought back the Rocket for 2020 production year and they have completely modernized the bike.

New additions include LED headlamps, an all-digital console and a brand new tank that is noticeably slimmer than the previous generation.

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Indian Scout

After the acquisition of the historic motorcycle manufacturer by Polaris Industries in 2011, the first bike from the brand was the big, V-twin engine Chief and it rattled its bitter rival, Harley-Davidson.

The Scout came a little later but was definitely more impressive. With its all-new 1200CC, liquid-cooled V-twin it produced a healthy 100bhp.

It is a low-slung, easy handling motorcycle and with its overall package it really makes its direct competitor, the Harley-Davidson Sportster make a run for its money.

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Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight

Harley-Davidson’s Sportster family of motorcycles has been around for a while now. The American manufacturer predominantly known for its big, chrome wearing cruisers enjoys the most success with its Sportster family globally.

The Sportsters are designed to be more nimble and agile than their big brothers.

They are targeted towards new and younger riders, offering a mix of easy-riding and the classic cruiser spirit. The Forty-Eight has a 1200CC V-twin motor that offers 97 Nm of torque from just 3,500rpm.

There is a lot of punch even at the low end and it makes this bike an amazing choice for both in-city and highway riding.

View specs and more info on AutoCarIndia

Ducati Xdiavel

When you hear the name of Ducati, you tend to relate it to ultra-performance superbikes that can do 0-60 in the blink of an eye but not cruising.

Ducati changed the perception of the masses with the introduction of XDiavel. Ducati designed the XDiavel to offer the comfort of a cruiser while retaining the performance of a sports bike.

Powering the XDiavel is a 1262CC L-twin engine, that generates over 150 hp, and that is an insane figure. With the protruding tank, exposed frame and the fat rear tire, the XDiavel looks menacing.

Despite weighing almost 600lbs. It is very nimble and isn’t hesitant while jumping into corners. With all that brawn and agility, it is speculative that one will not only go cruising on an XDiavel.

View specs and more info on AutoCarIndia

Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe

The Softail deluxe needs no introduction. The classic heritage design has been present in Harley-Davidson’s model line-up throughout the years and with the Softail Deluxe, you can every bit of taste of that heritage.

Measuring over 2.4 meters in length, this cruiser is absolutely massive. There is chrome treatment almost everywhere on the motorcycle.

Adding in the low-slung design, white-walled tires, and the full-skirt fenders, it is a visual treat. The Softail Deluxe is powered by a 1,745cc V-twin engine that puts out 86bhp and a big 145Nm of torque figure that is available at just 3,000rpm.

The low center of gravity makes it quite a maneuverable bike despite its length and weight. On the other hand, it’s extremely comfortable seating and high-speed stability make it extremely capable of those long rides.

View specs and more info on DriveSpark

Indian Chief Classic

The Indian Chief is definitely the oldest motorcycle on this list with the first production year being 1922. The Indian Chief has definitely stood the test of time, with the Indian motorcycle company changing hands multiple times in-between.

The Indian Chief has been standing strong, acting as a benchmark for luxury cruising motorcycles.

It continues to carry its classic appeal, the wide, sweeping fenders, broad handlebars, and the illuminated Indian-figurehead that have defined this motorcycle since its inception.

The saddle-style seat and spacious floorboards provide a great posture to the rider. It has an 1811cc V-twin motor at its heart which puts out 150Nm of torque that is available at a surprisingly-low, 2600rpm.

This results in a very linear build of power which makes riding this 800lb goliath relatively easy.

View specs and more info on IndianMotorcycle

The Cruiser genre has become very dense with the competition with almost every other manufacturer introducing their offering.

Up until almost 10 years ago, there were only a handful of manufacturers who dared to venture into the cruiser segment.

These were some of the best cruiser motorcycles available in the market today which can deliver a true cruiser experience while being unique at the same time.