Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting

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Safety is the most important factor when you ride a motorcycle.

Safety includes not only a good quality helmet but also other safety gear like overpants.

Of course, you always try to ride a motorcycle carefully, but crashes do happen. Many times they’re due to someone else’s reckless riding. That’s where safety gear come to your rescue.

Best Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting

In this article, we’ll review some of the best overpants, discuss the advantages of good overpants, and suggest a few buying tips to help you purchase suitable overpants for your needs.

Best Motorcycle Overpants

1. Scorpion Exo Seattle WP Men’s Textile motorcycle overpants. Brand-scorpion.


  • Made from 600 D durable polyester main body fabric, and heavy-duty 1680 D nylon knees.
  • Vertically adjustable SAS-TEC CE armor at knees, abrasion resistance, and have provision to accommodate additional SAS-TEC armors if you need extra protection.
  • Hip-pockets with PE foam, full-length YKK urethane coated, water-repellent zippers, removable thermal liner with a full length zipper, and internal zipper gusset for protection against water.
  • Scorpion Exo motorcycle over-pants are waterproof and using the full-length side zip you can wear it without removing your shoes. The two-way zipper provides good ventilation.
  • Comes with multiple reflective elements for visibility at night.
  • With the full-length zips, you can put on or remove your over-pants very easily, even without removing your shoes.
  • Weight- 3.11 pounds (size-small)
  • Available in different sizes.

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2. TOURMASTER women’s over pants. Brand-TOURMASTER.


  • Made from 600 denier Carbolex® Plus shell, and 1680 denier polyester knee panels.
  • Heat resistant material linings in the lower right leg inseams for protection of the pants from engine heat, rain-guard waterproof, and breathable barrier.
  • These overpants have reflective piping for visibility at night, and you can wear them over your regular street clothes.
  • Complete double stitch construction.
  • Removable CE approved knee armor and removable soft hip armor.
  • Two zipped hand pockets.
  • Waterproof zips on the thigh have vents to provide ventilation.
  • Weight- 3.04 pounds (large size).
  • Available in different sizes

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3. TOURMASTER overpants. Brand-TOURMASTER.


  • Made from 600 denier Carbolex® Plus shell, and 1680 denier polyester knee panels.
  • These overpants have a rain-guard waterproof and breathable barrier. Waterproof side zips have vents to provide ventilation.
  • TOURMASTER over pants have all over double stitching, removable CE approved knee armor, removable soft hip armor, two hand pockets with zips, and waterproof accordion-style expansion panels above the knees and at the rear waist for more flexibility.
  • These overpants have reflective piping for visibility at night, and you can wear them on your regular street clothes.
  • Weight- 5 pounds (medium size). Available in different sizes.

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4. Pilot Motosport men’s Omni air mesh motorcycle over-pants.


  • Pilot Motosport over-pants have high strength seats with double-wall Pilotex 600D NPF panels from waist to the thigh and legs, pilotex 1000D FlexDura for the crotch, and behind the knees for ease of movement.
  • These over-pants are waterproof and also have the main zip with waterproof gusset, triple/double high strength stitching, and breathable REISSA membrane permits moisture out, but not in.
  • The over-pants have reflective panels for visibility at night, and you can wear them on your regular street clothes.
  • Weight- 4 pounds (medium size). Available in different sizes.

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5. FIRSTGEAR HT women’s black over-pants.


  • Refined cut lines for superior fit in the sitting (riding) position.
  • With the extended side zips, you can put on or remove your over-pants very easily, even without removing your shoes.
  • Articulated knee features, CE approved adjustable armor for a comfortable fit and ride.
  • The removable insulated liner gives you warmth when you need, and can be easily stowed when not in use.
  • Adjustable side waist tabs give you a custom fit.
  • Heat-resistant material on inner calf.
  • Weight- 4 pounds (size-18).

6. Men’s motorcycle waterproof over-pants black.


  • The outer shell is made of heavy-duty 600 denier polyester fabric which is rugged and has high abrasion resistance. The shell has a thin fixed mesh liner inside.
  • You can wear these over-pants over your regular clothes.
  • Two CE rated adjustable hip foam pads, and CE rated adjustable and removable knee armor are provided for your protection.
  • With 26ʺ long side zips, you can put on or remove your overpants very easily, even without removing your shoes.
  • Dual waist adjustability and two front intake vents on thighs.
  • The over-pants have reflective panels for better visibility at night.
  • Weight- 3.49 pounds (medium size). Available in different sizes.

Most user reviews are positive, however, some users have complaints about the quality of the side zips, leak in the crotch area, and internal thermal lining.

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7. XELEMENT B7440 men’s black leather motorcycle over-pants.


  • XELEMENT over-pants are made from premium grade cowhide leather of 1.2 mm thickness.
  • Easy to remove side zips help you quickly wearing over your street dress and take it off after the ride.
  • Inner liner up to the knees.
  • Two side pockets with a zip to secure your wallet and keys.
  • YKK zippers. Belt loops.
  • Weight- 4.01 pounds (size 34). Available in different sizes.

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8. ALPINESTARS men’s wake air textile street motorcycle over-pants black.


  • The over-pants’ shell is made of multi-fabric with mesh panels on thighs, back, and lower legs for better cooling.
  • Accordion zones above the knee give more flexibility.
  • Extended high rear waist to provide better overlap with the riding jacket.
  • Pre-curved leg construction check riding fatigue and improves performance fit.
  • The ALPINESTARS over-pants come with level 1 CE certified Alpinestars Bio Armor protectors.
  • Weight- 3.2 pounds (X-large size). Available in different sizes.

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Advantages of Motorcycle Overpants

Every rider normally wants to be safe, however despite your best intentions, accidents do happen.

In these situations, good over-pants can protect your bottom, legs, and thighs from burns, tears, and skin abrasion.

Apart from the safety, good over-pants will keep you dry during rain and wet conditions, keep you warm during the cold, and help keep you cool during hot weather.

Many over-pants have reflective seams or panels on them to improve your visibility to the other drivers on the road at night.

Most overpants also have protective armor at the knee and hip, and also feature pockets for additional armor.

Convenience and comfort is another major advantage of good over-pants. You can easily remove them when you reach your destination and put them back on when you continue your ride.

Buying Tips

There are different types of commuting over-pants, and one major area of differentiation is the material.

The material can be durable polyester, leather, etc. and the weight of the over-pants depends on the material used.

More often, quality over-pants that are durable and less prone to tear weigh more than those of lesser quality. You need to strike a balance between quality, price, and comfort.

If your preference is for fast and high-speed riding, you need to consider a high-end model offering good protection to your lower body.

You should never consider ‘comfortable to wear’, as a predominant factor while shopping for the over-pants. They should give you sufficient safety, have ventilation, be comfortable for use during most of the year, and protect you from rain and cold temperature.

Select the size of the over-pants carefully.

The sizes mentioned on the seller’s website may be confusing so communicate with the seller in case of doubt.

For additional safety, look for light-reflective stripes or marks across over- pants, for extra visibility at nights. Alternately, you can purchase light-reflective stripes and get them sewed onto the over-pants.

Good quality over-pants provide protection with CE certified (European Standard) armors for knees and hips, and provisions for additional armor.

The armor is removable and replaceable. This can be a handy feature to have.

Watch for the double or triple stitched seams, superior quality zippers, and adjustable closures (at ankles, waist, etc.) for convenience, fit, and durability.

The overpants should have good ventilation to keep you cool during hot days.

Do not forget to look for zipped pockets to keep your wallet and keys safe.

Despite all the precautions we take while riding a motorcycle, unfortunately, accidents do happen, and they can happen to the best of us.

Being prepared with the right gear is one of the first lines of defense for situations out of your control. An quality pair of overpants is an excellent addition to your riding gear.