HappyWrench is always looking for cross-promotional opportunities.  These can come in the form of:

1.  Guest posts written by HappyWrench on your site

2.  A guest post by you here at HappyWrench with a backlink

3.  Product reviews – a full-featured blog post about your product or business including sharing via my social media platforms.

3.  Direct advertising or ad placement here at HappyWrench (either on the website itself or within my best-of-the-web newsletter), linking back to your site (reach out via the contact page for pricing)

HappyWrench.com over the course of the past 1.5 years has grown to 3k+ visitors a month and is a top ranked Google site for DIY motorcycle repair.  That said, we are not going to stop there.  If any of the cross-promotional opportunities above seem interesting or you have another idea, send me a note.

Here are some more metrics on the website as of 8-05-2018:  The main highlight is the source of our traffic.  Search engines like HappyWrench, which means sustained and growing visitors over time.  HappyWrench does not rely on purchased advertising/traffic or limited impact promotions of any kind.  People come for the knowledge and revisit to learn more.


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