My Trip to the Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Rally 2018

So, yesterday was the Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Rally – an annual event I know and love.  I arrived early, as I always do to events like these.  I like to hit the swap meet tables first thing in the morning just in case there is that one “must have” OEM part.  I never want to arrive late and miss out on something I desperately need.

This year I wasn’t as successful as in prior years finding parts.  In fact, despite my detailed preparation (see my Swap Meet Survival Guide), I spent a measly $20 on a front bumper for “Cal.”  That’s it for my day’s spending!  Good news is that it was in great condition, with the original rubber (which is usually cracked, broken, or missing) in near perfect condition.  Other than that, I found nothing.

There was a couple other items I was interested in (an original Bendix carburetor and a few pieces from the original rear bumper rails), but the asking prices were way too high.  Usually people are more willing to wheel and deal (no pun intended).

Anyways, I could hang around all day, but I did snap some pictures of my favorite American, Italian, and Japanese bikes.  Check out the photos below.

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