Wrenching Inspiration – Face Your DIY Motorcycle Mechanic Fears

Since starting this website, I have had more than a couple folks reach out to me directly either via social media or my contact page and ask – “Hey Chris, should I attempt repair X, Y, or Z?”

My post today is for all of you.  I am here to tell you that there is no time like the present when it comes to facing your DIY motorcycle mechanic fears.  You might not think you are very handy now, but how else do you become handy if not by attempting repairs outside your comfort zone?

Your confidence with repairs will build over time.  The more successful repairs you accomplish, the more complicated stuff you are willing to try; but you have to start with that first repair (oil change, air filter, whatever).  And you may fail. There is no shame in that, but you also need to keep trying.

The worst that can happen is you end up bringing your partial repair to a shop, where they may even tell you where you went wrong.

Best case scenario, you succeed and are rewarded with that feeling of satisfaction that has brought me back out to the garage time and time again.

I am also here to tell you that with patience and the willingness to research, a lot of scary sounding things are possible – head gasket changes, carb rebuilds, etc.  Also, the internet and technology (YouTube videos) have made wrenching a whole lot easier.

There are some repair jobs that require specialized tools – tools above and beyond the budget of the DIY motorcycle mechanic; but those jobs are the exceptions, not the rule.

These is so much that the DIY motorcycle mechanic can do himself or herself with tools right off the shelf.  That was part of the reason I chose bikes to work on in the first place.  It’s a hobby that can be done in your garage, on your backyard patio, even in your living room if your spouse is cool.

Bottom line is that this post is supposed to be the kick in the behind you need.  Stop being afraid that you are going to break something and pick up a wrench.  You might just learn something and surprise yourself.

Below is a picture of the first bike I built.  It took me 3 years and yes, it was stored in my living room for a while since I didn’t have a garage to use.  The featured image of me early on in the same project (many moons ago).

my first harley build

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