What Happened to the “Real” Fat-Tire Motorcycles?

Okay, so we live in an age where scramblers and flat trackers, both factory stock and custom, reign supreme.  The age of the chopper front end and skinny front tire seem to be in the past; or at least taking a catnap, while scramblers take Ducati’s profits into the green, and custom builders cash in on the trend.

With all that said…..

Been thinking a lot recently about the Zombie Apocalyse bike that I plan to build after Cal.  Wife gave me permission (I guess she is worried about the zombie apocalypse too or maybe escaping a Florida hurricanes – either way, it is happening).  Well, amidst all that day dreaming, I became to wonder, “Where did all those super fat-tire motorcycles of the 80s disappear to?”

Fat-tire motorcycles were definitely a little bit of a fad at the time (much more so than scramblers are today).  Only the Japanese manufacturers seemed to make them, and even they only stuck it out for a few years.

Do you even know which bikes I am talking about?  Sure sure, you are probably saying – the Yamaha TW200.  In fact, this bike is still in production.

first motorcycle ride


The bikes I am actually talking about are the the Yamaha Big Wheel 200 and 350 and Honda’s poorly conceived competitor, the Fat Cat.

fat-tire motorcycles

Nobody makes big wheeled motorcycles like these anymore.  Look at it.  It looks ridiculous and is proabably amazingly fun to ride.  Every now and then, one appears on Craigslist for $300 to $800 bucks and I am very tempted to bring it home.  Probably get in trouble, but I can still day dream.

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