Gear’d Hardware Zx2-1116: Badass Watch For Bikers

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Gear’d Hardware is a rather new brand of watches which try to appeal to drivers, riders, soldiers, athletes or anyone who tries to live life as a badass. Strong brand for strong people is their slogan.

Gear’d Hardware sent us one of their watches for a review, the model Zx2-1116 (now called The Jugggernaut). I should say it right away, I am impressed with this watch, and in the following paragraphs I will write a bit more about it and include a few pictures.

The package

The watch came in a bubble wrapped carbon grey card box, along with a warranty card (24-months), instructions manual and a sticker. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.

zx2-1116 box
zx2-1116 inside

The design

Zx2-1116 is definitely not discreet. It’s a really big watch, with aggressive and bold design. The combination of carbon grey, black and red color on stainless steel case looks great and quickly grabs attention.

Besides the analog display it also includes a small lcd display which displays time, date and day. It has a backlight so it comes useful when it’s dark outside. The illumination is not that bright though so it’s harder to see it when there’s a lot of light, but I still like how it blends in with the design.

zx2-1116 design
zx2-1116 on wrist

My watch came with a carbon grey leather strap which look durable, quality and matches the watch quite well. I believe the stainless steel mesh strap would look even better and last longer, so I think it’s worth investing $10 more for it.
zx2-1116 back


The watch feels strong, rigid and very well made. If you read more about the materials they use you understand why. With a thick, bulletproof, stainless steel and a ultra tough scratch resistant hardlex glass this watch can take a lot of beating and should serve you for a long time.


  • Japanese (Myota) movement
  • Water resistant up to 100 feet
  • LCD backlight
  • Time, date & day
  • Alarm
  • Stopwath
  • 12 & 24 hour system


It’s only been few days that I’m wearing it and I got some compliments. I like the attention grabbing design and how strong and durable the watch is. With time I might order the stainless steel mesh strap.
The Stealth version looks very stylish and when/if I get bored with the current one I might pick that one.

Anyhow, it seems my old watch goes to the drawer and I’ll be wearing this one from now on. If you want to learn more about Gear’d Hardware or order any of their watches, visit their website.