Las Vegas Annual Mecum Motorcycle Auction

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There are few motorcycle events that I have the luxury to attend every year.

That said, while living in Las Vegas between 2006-2012, I never missed the Las Vegas Mecum Motorcycle Auction each January.

This event is amazing for anyone, but I would say it is most amazing for those into vintage bikes.  There are bikes at this event that you will not see anywhere else – they come out of the woodwork for this one event to sadly be sold, but also to happily find a new home with a new owner.  Let me emphasize that point again.  You will see bikes at the Mecum Motorcycle Auction that cannot and will not be seen elsewhere.

When trying to convince friends to attend with me, I would simply say, “look, you are going to see bikes at this event that might not see the light of day again for 30 years.”  A lot of these bikes are worth well north of $100k.  They are part of some collector’s prize collection and once sold, might not be back out in the public eye for decades.

If you are one of my regular readers, you know I attend a lot of events.  There are still motorcycles I have seen at the Mecum Motorcycle Auction that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

And don’t be turned off by the fact that some of the bikes are well out of your price range.  I know I certainly can’t afford most.  That said, I have also seen Honda CBXs and Transalps going for $5k.  If you want to participate in the fun, you simply need to register to bid.  This can be done via the Mecum Auctions website.  I believe they look for a bank letter of guarantee (i.e. a letter from a bank stating that you have a certain amount of funds available).  You will have to go through the steps on the Mecum site to find out what the minimum amount must be.

Anyways, the reason for this post is two-fold.  First, is timing.  The Mecum Motorcycle Auction is approximately 1 month away.  Second, I found about 100 old pictures from two years I attended on an old flash drive.  I figured I would share them here for everyone to enjoy.

Finally, remember if you need advice on buying a vintage bike or help with old vin numbers, check out these other posts.

2012 Pictures – Mecum Motorcycle Auction

2013 Pictures – Mecum Motorcycle Auction

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