Loudest Motorcycle Horn [Ranked]

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Loudest Horns

It’s a nice warm Sunday, you’re riding your motorcycle down the road and suddenly, a minivan cuts in front of you out of nowhere.

You might be a seasoned rider with miles of riding experience, but you can still be in for a world of hurt when the driver in front of you isn’t paying attention.

Cars and other four-wheeled vehicles, in general, are easier to spot on the roads by other drivers, but it’s relatively hard to spot motorcycles.

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Upgrading Your Motorcycle’s Stock Horn

Horns can play an essential role in making your presence known on the road and drawing attention from inattentive drivers.

Unfortunately, the factory-installed horns are often known to be weak and their sound can easily be suppressed by various other road noises.

Experienced riders often replace the factory fitted horns with bigger and more powerful aftermarket units.

However, there are a lot of aftermarket horn makers and each one has a product line of their own and so when it comes to choosing the best horn, you might find yourself in a dilemma.

To make your search easier, we have included the loudest motorcycle horns available on the market in this article.

1. Marco Tornado (Decibel Rating: 151 dB)

One look at its Db rating is enough to let you know how effective Marco Tornado can be on the road, it is guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone on the road.

The Marco Tornado is an air horn and is very compact for its power output.

At 1.75 pounds, it will not add any significant weight to your motorcycle.

When paired with a 12V system, it offers unparalleled performance, with the sound traveling up to 3 miles in traffic.

Every horn is tested before they leave the factory and there is also a 2-year limited warranty offered on top of that.

Marco Tornado has a robust body that is built to withstand the elements and it’s not cumbersome to install at all. You can download the installation manual that will guide you with every step.

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2. Stebel Nautilus (Decibel Rating: 139 dB)

Stebel Nautilus is a mini air horn but its total output of 139 dB does make it feel a bit outlandish for its size.

Made with ABS plastic and rust-resistant material, the whole horn is a very compact package.

It is produced in a twin-tone range, 530Hz, and 680Hz respectively, resulting in a powerful honk which is definitely not unpleasant to ears.

The Nautilus comes with a water-resistant compressor that consumes 18 amps at 12 volts and the manufacturer also offers a lifetime replacement warranty on the compressor itself.

3. Vixen Horns Electric Air Horn (Decibel Rating: 139 dB)

The Electric Air Horn from Vixen Horns ties with the Stebel Nautilus in terms of total Decibel output, but it is a very different product altogether.

The compressor in this product is fully electric and does not need to draw any external air, and thus eliminating air tubes and external air supply that are part of conventional air horns.

It has a one-piece design and also has the dual-tone versatility, with frequency ranging from 410Hz to 510Hz.

The whole product is very light and since it does not have any tubes or air supply, installing it on your motorcycle is a very easy task.

You also get a 4-PIN 12V/30A relay and mounting hardware in the retail box, and it’s designed to be installed with a single bolt. So you can replace your old horn with the Vixen Horns Electric Air Horn in no time.

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4. FIAMM Freeway Blaster (Decibel Rating: 133 dB)

The FIAMM Freeway blaster is a great electric horn, that provides a great output and is available at a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

At 8.8 ounces, it is also one of the lightest motorcycle horns in the market.

It has a corrosion-resistant steel housing, aluminum coil motor, and ABS plastic projecting chamber, all of which provide unmatched quality altogether.

The FIAMM Freeway Blaster has an impressive design and performance. It is compatible with any 12-Volt electrical system and this makes it truly versatile. It is a value for money product and is amongst the loudest horns in the market.

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5. Screaming Banshee (Decibel Rating: 132 dB)

The Screaming Banshee could be the most innovative horn on this list.

It has two horn modes from which you can choose from, Friendly and Angry.

You can press the button gently to give a friendly horn that sounds more gentle.

When you press the button with a bit more force, the horn blasts at its full 132 decibels with an angry tone.

It also comes equipped with a flashing beam that lights up simultaneously when the horn is sounded.

There are very few horns in the market that come with a flashing beam and this feature comes in handy at low light conditions, where alerting motorists only by sound is not enough.

In the retail box, you get an installation kit that has all the tools needed to install the horn, along with an installation guide that has all the steps listed clearly.

The Screaming Banshee is truly a dual-purpose product and you should include it in your shopping list if you’re planning a long-distance ride.

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6. Wolo Bad Boy Chrome (Decibel Rating: 128 dB)

The Bad Boy might not be the loudest horn on this list but it makes up for that with its finish.

Often horns are the odd-looking parts on a bike and look out of the place amongst other components, but the Bad Boy will fit right in with its aerodynamically shaped chrome body.

It does not let down in terms of performance either, with a total output rated at 128 decibels, it’s a major step-up from your factory-installed horn.

With all the shiny parts one might think of it as an expensive unit, but the Bad Boy is very competitively priced. It also comes with an installation kit and is compatible with any 12V system.

So if you want to upgrade to a better horn but don’t want to spoil the looks of your shiny motorcycle, then the Bad Boy makes an excellent choice.

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