Motorcycle Dealership Spotlight – Red Rock Harley-Davidson Las Vegas

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Red Rock Harley-Davidson Las VegasToday’s post is a spotlight post covering a motorcycle dealership that deserves a shoutout – Red Rock Harley-Davidson Las Vegas.

I am on vacation this week, and as I typically do on my vacations, I googled the nearest motorcycle dealerships and motorcycle shops to see if there was anything of interest that I might want to see while in town.

Most of the time when I google, the only thing I find are cookie cutter dealerships.  Occasionally, I will get lucky and there will be a vintage repair shop or parts store.  If there is a motorcycle museum or more significant motorcycle destination of any kind, I probably already knew about it before arriving, so no need to google.

Also, I have recently taken to collecting Harley-Davidson t-shirts from the various places I visit.  Honestly, you can never have too many t-shirts, and I tend to enjoy having another Harley t-shirt more than some random junk souvenir.  So today I made a trip over to Red Rock Harley-Davidson Las Vegas.

Something to keep in mind is that I used to live in Las Vegas many moons ago, so have actually have been to this dealership before.  This was a revisit to buy a t-shirt and basically kill some time.  The experience, however, spurred me to write this post.

First off, there was zero hard sell.  When asked by the guys on the floor if I needed any help, I told them I had my “one vintage Harley and that was enough.”

Next, the sales people were super helpful helping me find me the sales rack (what can I say I am kind of cheap) and chatted me up the whole time with no real real reason other than they were nice.

Third, the dealership had tributes to Evel Knievel and flat track racing around the perimeter.  Some of the bikes included in the special display were Yamahas, BSAs, Triumphs, etc.   I really appreciated the fact that they didn’t exclude other makes from their historical display.

Finally, on my way out,  I had a quick chat with the guys again on the floor about one of the newer blue paint colors Harley is using.  They are bringing back a lot of the 70s styling and was hoping they brought back “Cal’s” original color, “Sparkling Blue.”  Turns out the color they are using now is “Electric Blue,” but it was worth asking and they were super nice about it.

Anyways,  I walked out of their thinking that Red Rock Harley-Davidson Las Vegas was one of the best dealerships I have ever been in (and I have been in a lot), so the deserved my time and a quick shoutout.

Some pictures below: