Top Motorcycle Diagnosis and Synchronizing Tools From Prop-Tech

From simply being cycles with engines to ultra-high performance machines, motorcycles have come a long way. They are becoming more and more sophisticated each day, every manufacturer brings something new to the table with each new release.

Motorcycles now have Touch-screen consoles, on-board computers, complex LED headlamps, ABS, Traction control, Launch control and some even have self-balancing mechanisms.

With all these bells and whistles, one can ask only themselves a question, “is a torque wrench and an Allen wrench set all I need to work on a bike?”.

You are not wrong if you have asked yourself the same. Whether you are a professional mechanic or someone who likes to work on your own motorcycles, you can no longer rely on just basic tools.

With all the tech, working on a motorcycle has become a tedious and complex task nowadays. It’s not always the engine that needs your attention, components like Tires, Wheels, chain/belt, and the frame itself need constant monitoring to ensure performance and safety on the road.

To make monitoring and diagnosis of your motorcycle easier, Prop-Tech Tools has a few products which can make this task a lot easier.

Prop-Tech Tools is a manufacturer of motorcycle diagnosis products and their tools are targeted towards both individuals and businesses.

TC-02 dual-sensor tire temperature meter

The TC-02 dual-sensor tire temperature meter is a piece of must-have equipment for those who like to take their motorcycle to tracks or often go for long rides. This tool provides the rider with real-time temperature readings from the tire surface.

This tool is very useful during summers when the surroundings also play a big factor in heating up the tires along with the friction. An overheated tire can cause the bike to lose traction at a turn or even worse, they can be blown-out.

The same is applicable to a cold tire, it doesn’t provide the grip that a warm tire can. During a track event, you can use the TC-02 to monitor your tire temperature and warm up your tire to the desired level for the best performance.

Using the real-time temperature read-outs from the in-built display, one can inflate or deflate the tires according to the situation. It is a stand-alone unit, meaning you do not need any additional hardware along with it.

It has a small, compact OLED display that can be placed in or around the instrument cluster and two factories calibrated infrared sensors. It offers crisp, clear read-out with great visibility and due to the small size, it does not obstruct the view of other instruments from in the cluster.


The measurement is programmable to provide readouts in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The installation is also really simple and there is no special tool or knowledge required. This product is weather-sealed, moisture and dust-proof so you don’t have to worry about it being exposed to the elements.

Laser Evo Motorcycle frame checker kit

Laser EVO
With regular usage, the motorcycle chassis becomes misaligned and can result in excessive wear and tear of the tires and increased torque on the body. It is necessary to measure and make necessary adjustments to the chassis after regular intervals.

The Laser Evo Motorcycle frame checker kit is a very compact piece of equipment which makes this task a whole lot easier. The whole kit fits in a protective case that is the size of a laptop shoulder bag.

There are a couple of other manufacturers who also have their offerings in the same genre but they are not exactly compact. It comes with a free windows software, compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10. The results are generated on a PDF document after the test using the software.

The Laser Evo offers high precision with a tolerance of 0.1 degrees. The kit supports frame checking for both Hollow and solid chassis motorcycles, making it truly universal.

It is a value for money product that provides rapid measurements and is reasonably priced.

DSynch2 Carburetor sync tool

Dsynch 2
Carb synching is equally important to keep your bike running smoothly. On multicylinder bikes with separate carburetors, all carbs need to work in a synchronized manner, doing their fair share. When a carburetor doesn’t work as supposed to, it receives more fuel and air than the others, causing uneven idling and surges while cruising.

Dsynch2 is a tool that can help you to attain the best possible setting for your carburetor and helps eliminate any faults in the process.

It comes in a very portable package that can fit into a 12-inch netbook bag. It comes with pre-calibrated high-precision sensors and free windows software that is compatible with Windows 7,8 &10. It offers both Long time RPM measurement and a short time RPM measurement for the perfect air-fuel mixture adjustment.

Moreover, it also diagnoses any intake port leaks which is a truly unique solution. Prop-Tech also offers a 2-year warranty on the Dsynch2 Carburetor sync tool and it definitely makes it a value for money product.

CT-01 Current Tester

The CT-01 current tester is truly a swiss army knife. This piece of equipment is truly a unique offering that can test your motorcycle’s battery condition, starter motor, Engine condition, Cylinder compression, Alternator condition, VR and HALL sensor condition.

It comes with free software that is compatible with Windows 7,8 & 10. Checking your bike’s electrical system is also very important and you cannot always blame your battery every time your bike doesn’t start.

Components like the Alternator and battery charging system need to be doing their fair share in order to keep the electrical systems healthy. The Windows software that comes bundled with the CT-01 puts out data in the form of graphs that are updated in real-time and one doesn’t need to be a genius to read the data.

It can identify the compression ratio of the cylinders and report any problematic ones. The CT-01 has an operating range of 0-300 Amperes and comes with a free plastic carry case that makes storage easier. It is a vital addition to your garage tool shed if you want to take proper care of your motorcycle.