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Motorcycle Repair Link Database

Welcome to the HappyWrench Motorcycle Repair Link Database.  When I first started working on bikes, the only resources available to assist the DIY motorcycle repair enthusiast were manuals and word-of-mouth.  Since then, the Internet has exploded with a wealth of information, scattered across millions of websites around the globe – some good and some bad.

Finding the right information in the right format can be extremely time consuming – especially, when you are anxious to get the job done.  In addition, search engines don’t present their results in useful categories we understand or in an easily sortable or filterable manner.

Hence, my creation of the HappyWrench Motorcycle Repair Link Database.  This is my first crack at this project, and I am sure it will get refined over time.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them via the contact page – I am open to any and all ideas.

Additionally, please feel free to share any links you think should be included in the database.  Thanks and enjoy!

Table of Contents (~233 Links & Growing!)

Basic Maintenance | Engine | Transmission | Fuel & Exhaust | Electrical | Front Suspension | Rear Suspension | Brakes

Basic Maintenance

Subcategories: Battery, Brakes, Cleaning, Fasteners, Fluid Changes, Periodic Lubrication, Tires & Wheels

Name/DescriptionHyperlinkSubcategoryMedia FormatComments
How to repair a flat tire on the road & WheelsText
Clean chrome for a penny
How to change your brake pads
How to bleed your motorcycle brakes
How to change your own motorcycle tires & WheelsText
Oil change 101 ChangesText
The Great Debate: Synthetic or Conventional Oil? ChangesText
Wobbly Wheels Suck – How To Balance Motorcycle Tires & WheelsText
How to Change Your Motorcycle Oil ChangesText
How To Change Motorcycle Tires & WheelsText
Video: How to Plug a Tubless Tire & WheelsVideo
Tech Tip: No Muss No Fuss Chain Lube ChangesText
How To Winterize Your Motorcycle In 5 Steps ChangesText
How to: Flush Brake Fluid
Things to Know About Motorcycle Batteries
How To: Coolant Flush ChangesText
How To: Brake Pads 101
Motorcycle Detailing Guide
How To Prep Your Motorcycle For Winter Storage ChangesText
How To Wash Your Motorcycle
How To Patch a Tubeless Motorcycle Tire & WheelsText
Cleaning Parts
Fastener Theory
Torquing Bolts
Fixing Bad Threads
Stripped Bolts and Screws
Changing your Oil, Page 1 ChangesText
Changing your Oil, Page 1 ChangesText
Changing Tires & WheelsText
Spoke Wheels & WheelsText
Wheel Bearings & WheelsText
The Painstaking Process of Polishing a Motor
Motorcycle Wheel Building 101 & WheelsText
Painting a Motorcycle
Painting a Motorcycle Part II
Motorcycle Welding Part I
Motorcycle Welding Part II
How to Use a Torque Wrench
How to Choose an Angle Grinder
Choosing and Using Wrenches
Motorcycle Restoration Wheels & WheelsText
How to Remove Motorcycle Oil Filter ChangesText
How to Plug a Tubeless Tire & WheelsVideo
How to Safety Wire a Motorcycle Video
How to Safety Wire a Motorcycle
How to Refurbish a Motorcycle Seat
Matte Finish Tank Painting
How to Split a Nut – Stuck Fastener Removal
Cooling System Flush


Subcategories: Cooling, Crankcase, Cylinders, Heads, Oil Pump, Pistons & Rings, Pushrods, Valves

Name/DescriptionHyperlinkSubcategoryMedia FormatComments
How and Why to Break-In a New Engine
How To Break In A New Motorcycle Engine
New Engine Break-In
HopUp – Getting More Power
Engine Compression Testing
Valve Adjustment
Pistons & Cylinders & Rings & RingsText
Cylinder Hones
Water Cooling
Water Cooling Systems
Unsticking a Stuck Engine
Engine Plain Bearings
Roller Bearings
Valve/Cam Timing
Valve/Cam Drives
Adjusting the Cam Chain
Splitting the CrankCases
Engine Removal and Installation
Tappets Explained, Part 2
Tappets Explained Part 1 | Tech Tips
Motorcycle Restoration Engine
How to Balance a Crankshaft
How to Install Piston Rings & RingsText
Replacing a Camshaft
Replacing Cylinder Heads
Adjusting Dirt Bike Valves
Top End Rebuild Dirt Bike


Subcategories: Clutch, Electric Starter, Gear Box, Kickstart, Primary Drive, Transmission Case, Shifters 

Name/DescriptionHyperlinkSubcategoryMedia FormatComments
How to adjust a motorcycle clutch on a harley big twin CaseText
Gear Boxes BoxText
Gear Shifters
Counter Balancers CaseText
Clutches 101
Clutch Adjustments
New Transmission Install CaseText
Clutch Spring Install
Clutch Plate Replacement

Fuel & Exhaust

Subcategories: Air Cleaner, Carburetor, Exhaust System, Fuel Tanks

Name/DescriptionHyperlinkSubcategoryMedia FormatComments
How to diagnose and fix an intake leak
How to install an aftermarket air cleaner on your harley CleanerText
How to Clean a Carburetor 101
How To Wrap Exhaust – Hipster Bike Update 3 SystemText
How It Works: The Basics of ECU Tuning
How To Install An Aftermarket Exhaust SystemText
Carburetor Theory and Tuning
Balancing Carburetors
Carburetor Floats
Carburetor Tuning
Air Cleaners CleanerText
Finishing Our Harley-Davidson Tank Buck TanksVideo
How to Create a Gas Tank Buck TanksVideo
Making a H-D Fuel Tank Pattern TanksVideo
Curing The Carburetor Woes
Proper Carburetor Set Up | Carburetor Class!
Gas Tank Maintenance TanksText
Throttle Cable Adjustment TanksText
How to Build an Exhaust System SystemText
Tips for Painting an Exhaust SystemText
Air Cleaner Cleaning CleanerText
How to Repair a Leaky Fuel Tank TanksText
Installing Custom Exhaust Pipes SystemText
Rebuilding Carburetor
Replacing Carburetor
Cleaning Fuel Tank TanksText
Muffler Repair SystemText
Welding Mufflers SystemText
Repacking Mufflers SystemText
Cleaning Exhaust Pipes SystemText
Removing Baffles SystemText
Quieting a Noisy Exhaust SystemText
Repairing an Exhaust Pipe SystemText
New Exhaust Pipe Fuel System Recalibration SystemText
Air Filter Cleaning CleanerText
Video Air Filter Cleaning CleanerText
How to Rejet a Carburetor
Fuel Filter Replacement TanksText
How to Rebuild a Carburetor
Leak Down Testing
Welch Plug
Pressure Float Needle
How to Tune a Main Jet
Diagnosing Vacuum Leaks
Removing a Stuck or Frozen Float Pin
How to Size a Pilot Jet Screw
Choke Plunger Pad Replacement


Subcategories: Accessories, Battery, Charging System, Horn, Ignition System, Lighting, Wiring

Name/DescriptionHyperlinkSubcategoryMedia FormatComments
How to charge a motorcycle battery
How to remove and install a motorcycle battery
How to add heated gear to your motorcycle
How to: Tips for installing auxiliary lights on your motorcycle
Battery Maintenance – Dr. Moto
Reading Wiring Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams
Ignition Timing
Magneto Timing SystemText
Electronic Ignition SystemText
Timing a Battery/Coil Ignition SystemText
Point & Flywheel Identification SystemText
Electrical Testing
Spark Plugs SystemText
Electric Starters SystemText
Dealing with Fouled Spark Plugs SystemVideo
Motorcycle Wiring
Testing an Ignition Coil SystemText
Headlight Install
Replacing Spark Plugs SystemText
Replacing Tail Light Bulbs
Generator Repair SystemText
Replacing Headlights
Adjusting Headlights
Installing a Headlight Modulator
Replacing an Ignition System SystemText
Custom Tail Light Install
Ignition Coil Install SystemText
Turn Signal Replacement
Starter Motor Repair SystemText
Defog a Headlight
How to Install a USB Charger
Install a Switched 12V Outlet
Testing Ignition Coil SystemText
Reading Spark Plugs SystemText

Front Suspension

Subcategories: Front Fork, Front Wheel, Handlebars and Controls, Seat

Name/DescriptionHyperlinkSubcategoryMedia FormatComments
This tip could save you a fork seal replacement job ForkText
Grips Tips: How to install new hand grips on your motorcycle and ControlsText
Resealing 35mm forks ForkText
What You Need to Know About Wheel Bearings WheelText
Make Your Little Bike Feel Like a Big Bike: Upgrade Your Forks! ForkText
How To: Easy Fork Seal Repair ForkText
How To Install New Levers on Your Motorcycle and ControlsText
How To Change Your Motorcycle Grips and ControlsText
Remove Your Seat
Front Forks ForkText
Align the Front Forks ForkText
Front Wheel Removal WheelText
Steering Bearings ForkText
Twist Grip Throttles and ControlsText
Race Tech Suspension Install ForkVideo
How to Lubricate Cables and ControlsText
Removing a Front Wheel WheelText
Squeaky Front Forks ForkText
Changing Hand Grips and ControlsText
Installing Handlebar Risers and ControlsText
Clutch Lever Replacement and ControlsText
Dirt Bike Tire Change WheelText
Replacing Motorcycle Grips and ControlsText
Repfreshing Footpegs and ControlsVideo
Tightening Wheel Spokes WheelVideo
Tube Changing WheelVideo
Suspension Adjustment ForkVideo
Changing Grips Easily and ControlsText
Motorcycle Restoration Frame

Rear Suspension

Subcategories: Final Drive, Rear Swing Arm, Rear Wheel, Shock Absorbers

Name/DescriptionHyperlinkSubcategoryMedia FormatComments
How to change dual rear shocks on a motorcycle AbsorbersText
How to clean and lube a motorcycle chain DriveText
Fun With Chains And Sprockets – Dr. Moto DriveText
How to Lower Any Motorcycle AbsorbersText
How To Change A Motorcycle Chain DriveText
Rear Wheel Removal WheelText
Rear Chains & Sprockets DriveText
Progressive Shock Upgrade AbsorbersVideo
Final Drive: Belt to chain conversion, Part 4 DriveVideo
Final Drive: Belt to chain conversion, Part 3 DriveVideo
Final Drive: Belt to chain conversion, Part 2 DriveVideo
Final Drive: Belt to chain conversion, Part 1 DriveVideo
Removing Rear Shocks AbsorbersText
Removing a Rear Wheel WheelText
Installing Shock Absorbers AbsorbersText
Chain and Sprocket Change – Video DriveVideo
Chain Alignment DriveVideo
Chain and Sprocket Change DriveText
Chain Care DriveVideo
Chain and Sprocket Replacement DriveVideo
Chain Tension Adjustment DriveText
Swing Arm Bearing Replacement AbsorbersText
Shock Rebuild AbsorbersText


Subcategories: Disk Brakes, Drum Brakes, Master Cylinders

Name/DescriptionHyperlinkSubcategoryMedia FormatComments
What You Should Know About Motorcycle Brake Pads BrakesText
Hydraulic Brakes & Clutch CylindersText
Drum Brakes BrakesText
Dual Disc Upgrade BrakesVideo
Front Brake Adjustment BrakesText
How to Bleed Brakes CylindersText
Replacing Brake Pads BrakesText
Resurfacing a Brake Rotor BrakesText
Brake Caliper Maintenance BrakesText

Submit a Link

If there is a link that you think is fantastic and needs to be included in the database, please contact me. I will review the link personally and let you know once it has been added.