How to Push Start a Motorcycle – Done via Stick Figure Drawings!

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If you are an adventurer/explorer and don’t have the luxury of owning a newer motorcycle, it is important that you know how to push start a motorcycle in case of trouble.  Starting a vehicle is actually one of the more stressful moments on the entire engine/electrical system.  Therefore, if you can get the bike started, there is a good chance you might be able to make it home.

In my early 20’s, I had a bike that was notorious for not wanting to start.  The issue wasn’t electrical, but was actually due to a missing spring within the starting system/gears (some chucklehead forgot to put it back during a repair).  Anyways, I got really good at push starting my bike, even on flat surfaces.  Usually, however, the issue is just a dead battery; and if you can push start the bike, it will often hold enough charge to get you home.

For some reason, I was in a goofy mood last night, and was cracking myself up doing the info graphic below.  Would you believe that my grandfather, his father, and his father’s father were all master painters?  Yep, it is true, and what do you get?……….stick figures!

push start a motorcycle

Well, that’s it folks.  My stick figure info graphic on how to push start a motorcycle.  I know, your mind is absolutely blown.  If you enjoyed this blog post, please like or share on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, or like on Instagram.

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