Respect Your Wrenching Elders – Listen and Learn

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This post is a reminder that we should all respect our wrenching elders.  “Elder” is the wrong word (only used here for lack of a better one), because the person does not necessarily need to be older than you.  That said, a lot of the skills and expertise that go along with motorcycle wrenching come with time and experience.

I find in this day and age that we are more inclined to be waiting for the other person to stop talking so that we can speak ourselves than to actually be listening to what the other person is saying.  We all do it.  The first step in preventing that horrible habit is recognizing that you are doing it, and forcing yourself to take the wax out of your ears and listen.

I recently had the amazing privilege of meeting and watching someone 1000% times more skilled than myself do some work for me the other day.  He made everything look so easy; nothing was impossible.  Additionally, just by keeping my stupid trap shut and listening, I learned three things in about 15 minutes.  I forget how much there is to learn spending so much time by myself working in my garage.

This site is often about ways to do things yourself and save some money.  Listening is actually the best piece of advice that I can provide.  Humility is also good when it comes to wrenching.  A little bit more listening and little bit more humility and I promise you won’t break something you shouldn’t or muck things up royally.

Typically, I am long winded and can go on for days, but this is a food-for-thought post.  None of us know everything.  If we did, there would be no fun in any of it.  I just think we all need to take a pause when in the presence of someone superior to ourselves in wrenching skills and soak it all in.  Books are for learning math and science.  Observation and experience are for learning our ways around machines.

Thanks everyone for your time.

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