The Magic of #0000 Steel Wool – Quick Praise and Recommendation

Some people don’t realize how amazing steel wool really is.  When I was in college, restoring bikes on shoe-string budgets (still kind of am), this product became a great friend.

At first, I couldn’t get out of my head the fact that steel wool is the same stuff that Brillo is made out of – the stuff my mom used to use to scrub pots.

But then, I saw that there were numerous different grades, almost like sandpaper.  I don’t know if it was a recommendation from my friends at the local hardware store or experimentation, but I discovered that the combination of #0000 grade steel wool and a good metal polish could really make some old parts shine.

The trick is that the #0000 grade steel wool is so fine that it won’t damage the metal surface, even painted ones.  Over the course of college, I probably bought dozens of packages of the stuff.  It became my go-to product for cleaning, polishing, and shining my motorcycles.

Anyways, in case you have never tried steel wool for polishing up old parts, I thought I would throw the idea out there.  Hope it helps and enjoy. Like everything else you can buy it on Amazon.

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