Tool of the Month: Craftsman Extreme Grip

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No, not the guy who was tailgating you on the highway or the loser at work who stole your stapler.  This post is about tools!  Like the kind you keep in your garage.  The very first HappyWrench tool of the month is the Craftsman Extreme Grip Adjustable Wrench.

Sometimes I think my wife is going to tell me to shut up, because it is a little weird how much I go on and on about this tool.  I have good reason though for making it the tool of the month.  This bad boy has saved my “behind” twice so far, and I am sure it will again.

The first time I was replacing the pushrods on my 1972 Harley Shovelhead FLH.  The first three loosened up and came out just fine.  The last one downright refused to budge.  I was basically at my wits end.  I went to Sears to look around and there was this bad boy in a special end-cap display.

I considered it and decided that I had nothing to lose.  This guy created such a strong grip on the pushrod itself that I was able to get the locking nut loose and slowly back the pushrod out of the lifter.  Amazing!

The second time was during Hurricane Matthew.  So I live in South Florida and needed to put up my hurricane shutters.  No biggie right?  Well I had never put up the hurricane shutters on our house before, and I came to quickly find out that the bolts installed by the builder above and below the windows were the cheapest carriage bolts in the world.

They would strip almost immediately and some were in there really good since we haven’t had a hurricane since the house was built (2008).  One bolt in particular refused to come out.  I was basically resolved that I was going to have to drill it out with an extractor when I decided to see if the tool of the month could help.

I got the head of the bolt out maybe a quarter inch from the wall, at which point it was completely stripped and not coming out any further.  I grabbed onto the head with this adjustable wrench and perfection!  I was able to back it out of the wall turn by turn.  It was an incredible relief and a huge time saver having this tool handy.

This is one of those tools that brings a smile to my face every time I use it.  Honestly, I look for excuses to use this guy (“what’s that sweetie, having trouble loosing the hose nozzle? Be right there!”).  You might not have a use for it now, but I promise it is worth its weight in gold when you need it.  Go get one.  Also, please please please, share this post via social media!  HappyWrench is new and needs your support!

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