Ultrasonic Cleaners – A Great Addition for Any Motorcycle Hobbiest

Most of us have heard of ultrasonic cleaners or at the very least, know they are out there and being used in a variety of industries.

For example, they are used in the dental industry to clean those hygienist tools (thank goodness, otherwise that would be kind of gross).  They are also used in the jewelry industry to clean rings and the eye glass industry to clean glasses.

ultrasonic cleanersFinally, automotive shops including motorcycle shops use them to clean parts.  The combination of heat and ultrasonic waves can clean the dirtiest of parts while you are working on other items.  Pretty much, you drop the parts in, set the timer, and let the machine do the work.

The time savings is incredible, plus a bath of water and a dash of degreaser can replace bags of steel wool, sandpaper and other cleaning supplies.

In terms of size, you want something larger than 3 liters.  This is a minimum size in order to be able to clean carburetor parts and pistons – any smaller and these parts will not fit.  One of the most common usages of ultrasonic cleaners in auto shops is for carburetors as the bath can get inside jets and other tiny orifices.

You are looking at between $150-$250 for a decent 3L ultrasonic cleaner.  I suggest a Kendal.  There are a lot of cheap garbage devices out there, so it is worth the extra $40 to $50 to get something decent.  It will last longer.  Additionally, I worry some of those cheap devices are a fire hazard.

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